Getting Traffic to Your Website

Digital Marketing

I have converted many sites from just a vague description to a powerhouse in their specific industry all while staying on or under their NEEDED Budget, isn't your turn to quit relying on the WRONG Company?

Marketing should be an investment, not an expense.

Tracking your results makes that possible.
Are you analyzing your results?
The days of marketing guesswork are over.
Don’t throw your money away.
Tracking your digital marketing investment is the key to scaling your efforts and achieving your desired outcome.

Clients Love US!

  • Currently Representing Clients in a Variety of Professions!
  • I use a variety of tools to do what I do!
  • Been Doing this type of work a mere 20 years!
  • My GOAL for you is to increase your BOTTOM LINE

You Build Relations, We Build Profits.

The BITTERNESS of POOR Quality Remains long after the SWEETNESS of Low Price is Gone!

4 Website Features

SEO Services
All Screens

Responsiveness - Not talking about the owner of the company, even though he is responsive. This responsiveness is the site, ALL websites are screen-size responsive, they work on small to large screens*

*Disclaimer: if the images are scaled properly

Local SEO Services

Targeted Marketing - it's more precise than even your best foot forward effort, marketing properly goes so much deeper than throwing money at Facebook or Google and is so much more than a Boost or Express Lane! If you are looking for a quick fix then you've come to the wrong company!

Content Marketing

Content - What is "content" well content, text descriptions is what drives the traffic and its better in a text and let your LP (Landing Page) house all the images that tell your story! Unique content drives more traffic than copied content! (Be sure to see blog post about content)

Brand New Business
Quality not Quantity

Small Business/Start Up Marketing - this is my niche, I enjoy helping small companies grow, their enthusiasm is so contagious it makes me want to do more and more to help more companies see that marketing is fun and doesn't have to break the bank to be effective!

What Can We Offer You?

A Marketing relationship to continuously GROW your business!


The Website responds to the needs of the users and the devices they're using. Never use a mobile phone to send me pictures for the website!

Targeted Marketing

A target audience is the group or segment within that target market that is being served advertisements. We find the customers!

Content Writing

The content on your homepage (and product pages) must focus on the benefits that your product or service brings to the customer!

Small Business

If you don't have a website YOU are losing business and an easier way to provide information to potential customers!

Last Chance

By partnering or building a RELATIONSHIP with ThorMarketing Hit's The Mark! We will work harder for you than anyone else in the region to make sure that you have a Responsive, Profitable and Found website!

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