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Case Study – Disclaimer Exact names are not used because of privacy issues should the nature of the business represent someone you know it is pure coincidence and not intended, it has come to my attention that having opinions can now result in lawsuits, so read this with an open mind and don’t read more…

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Website Design

The Basics of a Web Page When you come to a website you should know within the 1st 5 seconds what the site is about, even if the site offers multiple services as I do. If this message is not conveyed to your customers then you have already wasted your money on the website!Thor Marketing…

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Truth in All Web Marketing

Online Marketing

Truth in All Web Marketing Truth in Marketing just what does that mean to me? Never Mislead a Customer – Marketing the right way is the long way, Marketing the wrong way can get you banned from Google! No I am not an expert, yes I have tried to learn everything I can but the…

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Independent Clothing Line

Case Study – Clothing Line Western Wear for Kids we all know children love the boots mom and dad wear so why not find the best near you in central Mississippi……..After the shopping list by Google recommends is posted You see big names like Boot Barn and Cavenders, these are in Mississippi but they are…

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Local Car Scene Accessories

Case Study – Local Car Scene Accessories This post will focus on Central Mississippi Car Scene (but should be taken in consideration if you sell any product) and some guidelines I see not followed as for search engine optimization – basically none of it is followed because they want to use the LEAST expensive to…

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